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New Students

If you’re not currently enrolled at Nash Community College and wish to earn a degree, diploma or certificate or simply wish to take a few transfer classes, you are in the right place.

If you are an out-of-state student applying to Nash Online, please visit the out-of-state students page prior to applying.

To immediately begin the application process, click here to apply online.

If you still have questions, please review the information below and request information. Our eLearning Specialists will gladly point you in the right direction.

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​Browse the online programs or online course options and choose a program or course that fits your needs.

Courses and Programs

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Review: Financial Aid

Whether its grants, loans, or scholarships, Nash Online has many options to help you pay for your courses depending on your program and student status.

Note: Students must be enrolling in a qualifying degree, diploma, or certificate program to receive federal aid. Your Nash Online advisor can assist with information on which programs qualify.

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Plus (click or tap to expand) + Review: Submitting Transcripts

While not all programs require high school and/or college transcripts, it is a good rule of thumb to provide such documentation to ensure you get the Blue Love you deserve. While your personalized enrollment plan will tell you exactly what we will require, it may be a good idea to go ahead and order an official high school transcript (or Adult High School Diploma) be sent to Nash Community College.

Also note, if you have previously taken classes at another higher education institution, you will need to send Nash Online an official copy of a transcript from that institution in order to get that credit awarded to you.

All documents should be mailed to:

Records Office
Nash Community College
Post Office Box 7488
Rocky Mount, NC 27804-0488

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Course Readiness Assessment (RISE Placement Test)—Applicants who do not meet the criteria for enrollment into a gateway course can take the College’s approved Course Readiness Assessment.

Currently Nash Community College offers one form of the approved assessmenet for placement purposes. This assessment is the state mandated RISE Placement Test given through EdReady powered by NROC.

Possible Exemptions

  1. Graduated in the last 5 years. Graduated with a unweighted GPA of 2.6 or higher (with 4 approved math courses)
  2. SAT, ACT, IB and AP scores can be evaluated for exemption to testing. Send SAT and ACT scores to Send IB and AP scores to
  3. Confirm if you are exempt from the placement test at


NROC’s RISE Placement Test is a computerized placement test that is divided into two sections: Math (three tiers) and English (two tiers). (Direct placement into Calculus I is also available if an applicant qualifies with appropriate high school courses, test scores and/or other forms of multiple measures placement).

The RISE assessment is currently offered Monday , Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00 am and 1:30 pm. (Testing is available by appointment only). Written portions of the CRA are available for students needing accommodations; however, proper documentation will be required.


The RISE Placement Test for English has two tiers. (Must score a 70 on each tier).

Tier One: Introduction to College Reading and Writing, Identifying Main Ideas, Discovering Implied Meaning, Interpreting Bias, Analysis through Definition, Learning Across Disciplines

Tier Two: Exploring Comparative Elements, Informed Opinions through Causal Chains, Applied Critical Analysis, Using Sources in Critical Reading and Writing

The RISE Placement Test for Math has three tiers. (Must score a 70 on each tier).

Tier One: whole numbers; fractions and mixed numbers; decimals; ratio, proportion, and rates; percent; measurement, geometry, and real numbers

Tier Two: solving equations and inequalities; graphing; exponents and polynomials; concepts in statistics

Tier Three: rational expressions; radical expressions and quadratic equations; factoring; systems of equations and inequalities; and functions

Additional Information

  • The RISE Placement Test may take two to four hours to complete. Students may take the test in sections over several days if preferred.
  • The test is by appointment only. Please contact the Office of Placement and Career Counseling Services to schedule your appointment.
  • Students must present a valid photo ID to take the RISE Placement Test.
  • Students requiring accommodations with a documented disability should contact the ADA Counselor, at (252)-451-8260.
  • Upon completion of the test, students will receive a summary of their test results and their placement for the gateway math and English needed for their chosen program of study.

To schedule a test, please contact: Director of Placement and Career Counseling Services Phone: (252) 451-8261 Fax: (252) 451-8401

Remote Placement Testing

Nash students who are not physically able to come to campus may use the College’s remote testing option to take the NROC/EdReady RISE assessment. The student will have to find a proctoring company or institution that will allow them to test at their location. The student must pay any proctoring fee that is incurred for the use of the service.

Once the student has found a location, the student must complete the form for remote testing through the Office of Placement and Career Services. Someone from the Office of Placement and Career Services will verify the company or institution and approve the form.

Further instructions will be given to the student and the service provider to effectively access the test. Remote placement testing must be scheduled.

To schedule remote testing contact the Office of Placement and Career Counseling Services.

Further information concerning the Placement Test at

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